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Helps Reduce Body Stress By:

  • Releasing spinal pressure
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Encouraging spinal alignment
  • Increasing circulation and energy

A Great Solution to a Persistent Problem

The Sit-A-Round™ ball chair supports the weight of the pelvis and facilitates the proper use of the sit bones, encouraging an easeful distribution of weight. The inflated vinyl ball seat sends a continual subtle message to "move up" which keeps the spine from slumping in a C curve. The ball responds individually to the weight and body movement of each user. Tension is released throughout the shoulders and back. This is an ideal chair for people whose work involves long periods of sitting as well as for those who have injured their backs.

How The Sit-A-Round Benefits The Sitter

  • Uses the principle of active sitting. Sitting on a moveable surface requires the active use of the legs and torso.
  • Keeps the spine uncompressed.
  • Encourages one to sit up without tensing every muscle in the body.
  • Helps prevent back injuries prevalent in the increasingly stationary work force. It is in fact a muscle-toning device.
  • Overcomes some of the circulation and muscle fatigue associated with sedentary work. **
  • Helps keep the mind alert.**
  • Eliminates a back rest, balancing the muscular work between the front and back of the spine, thus promoting torso strength. **

    **”The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body and Design”, Galen Cranz W.W. Norton, 1998 (www.amazon.com)
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