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June Ekman and Larry Wilson

June Ekman, a former dancer and choreographer is a certified practitioner of the Alexander Technique. She has been a Master Teacher in New York City for over 25 years. Working with her students at Sarah Lawrence College, professional dancers, actors and singers and many clients whose occupations dictate they sit for extended periods of time, Ms. Ekman became convinced that many chronic problems were aggravated by inadequate chairs. She also noticed that when these clients sat on the large vinyl ball she used in her body alignment work, much of the stress placed on the back was alleviated. Ms. Ekman, in association with designer Laurence Wilson, developed the Sit-A-Round, based on the principles of active sitting.

Larry Wilson is a designer and builder who resides and works in Pennsylvania. As the first Director of the nonprofit Energy Conservation Service, he was charged with disseminating information about energy conservation and alternative power sources to communities, school districts and government bodies in six counties in northeastern Pennsylvania. Founder and president of the Practical Energy Company, he has designed and built energy efficient/solar buildings using ecologically acceptable materials. He was influenced by the ideas of Buckminster Fuller and has experimented with and perfected the building of geodesic dome structures. Familiar with the Alexander Technique and interested in ergonomic furniture for the work place and home, he took on the project of designing the Sit-A-Round with June Ekman. Working in close collaboration, the Sit-A-Round design evolved over the course of several years. Mr. Wilson studied at Alfred University and received a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

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