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"You're using your muscles to keep yourself upright, and that increases nutrition and blood flow to the spine."
Ellen Kolber, Certified Industrial Ergonomist
excerpted from an article in The Village Voice

"As a practicing physician, I find my ability to concentrate and focus is enhanced when I sit on this unique chair."
Howard Schwartz, MD

"While working in my studio I have been using the sit-a-round chair exclusively. It is totally addicting. At last a chair that doesnít cut into the thigh."
Mimi Gross, Artist/Designer

"I am having trouble wresting this away from my children. My daughter loves it because it stores easily under her desk."
John Keefe, President, J Keefe Associates

"I have lower back pain and shoulder pain complicated by scoliosis and aggravated by sitting for long periods of time. The sit-around actually made my back pain go away. It is the most comfortable computer chair that I have ever used."
Carol Brown, Artist

"The Sit-A-Round made me look forward to sitting."
Matt Jepson, Composer/Session Musician

"Playing violin while on the Sit-a-Round, releases pressure from the back, allowing me to use the muscles of the back for the playing process. The sound changes totally and the comfort in technical passages is amazing."
Benzion Shamir, 2nd Concertmaster, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

"I had no difficulty adjusting to it. I love it."
Yvonne Rainier, Film maker

"I do think this is a great product and could offer much for many varieties of body sizes and weights. I like the idea of exercising the most unconditioned muscle groups in the body."
Teresa Pyle, Admissions Officer

"I sit at a computer all day. I think your invention is both smart and beautiful. Itís both stylish and very practical. P.S. My wife would like one too."
Andy London, Animator

"I have been looking for this kind of comfort for a long time. Active comfort. Spine hangs. Pelvis moves. I could spend many hours at the computer on this seat. After trying and using my gym ball as a desk chair, I have never sat in anything so close to my dream. Please tell me where I can buy this chair. Thank you."
Nell and Ben Rosenthal

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